Sound Production Services

Southampton Sound Production Services are brought to you by our dedicated Final Cut Services in-house technical team. We live in an age where the internet allows us to master many talents but not always enough to offer that cutting edge.

While the very nature of music creation is through trial and error and self achievement, even the most famous recording artists need an helping hand to take their music into the final stages of audio production.

Invariably we all need to turn to true professionals to assist in getting our master pieces transformed into pieces of art which sound immaculate, have a technical edge, the correct acoustics and a great blend of music mixing.

Our state of the art studios provide a range of services dedicated to recording artists. From recording your vocals, producing the tune, remastering, devising a music video and bringing your theatricals to fruition, creating artwork for covers and finally into marketing and merchandise development.

At Final Cut Services, our post sound production team can even get you signed to a label though our contacts or one of our own, market your new tune pre launch and cater for everything from musical film scores, to classic ensembles and pop videos. Offering everything from film score creation to advert jingles.

The Sound production studios offer a wide range of options to those in the music industry, both new and existing talent. Multimedia creators, advertisers, videographers, broadcasters and those seeking to develop corporate videos, online video, TV and radio adverts are also on our client list.

The faster the internet becomes, the more devices it is enabled on. The more creative we as individuals and businesses can be with the media we offer our clients and customers. No matter your requirement, we have high end producers and technical staff who can help achieve an exemplary audio production finish.

Our technicians can De-breath and Polish, enable music mixing, add Voice, Music and Sound Effects as jingles for adverts or for online video and presentations with Audio Production for Voice Overs.

All of which passes through our full Audio Post Production which includes Music Track Editing and all the post audio production services such as Audio Branding, Logos, Showreels and those all important Demos for record labels and broadcasting producers.

The full audio production services include a variety of ADR, Foley, Re-Recording and full Sound Supervision overseeing Sound Design & Editorial, 2 Pop Music – Music Editorial with complete acoustic Screening Rooms.

For businesses and individuals seeking that corporate edge and developing unique transmissions, presentations, video and advertising streams, our services also enable, final Game Audio, Audio Circus – Television Animation Sound and Scoring – both classical and film.

For those that need more precise technical services we can provide a range of utilities for the emerging media market with full projection services, DVD Audio Mastering, Audio Restoration, Archive, Transfer, Laydown / Layback and Remote Re-Recording in addition to Custom Field Recording and Mobile ADR.

Final Cut Services Southampton Sound Production is your one stop shop for everything musical, both front facing and behind the scenes. We cover most musical genres and have or own record label and contacts in many major labels. From recording a radio voice over, to remixing one of your own tunes. From creating a unique tune for an advert, to writing a film score… we can help.