Photoshop Services And Professional Photo Editing

In society we immerse our lives in imagery. Photographs showcase our present, retell our past and with a little handy work, our photoshop services can reshape your future also. There are not many people alive today who haven’t heard of photoshop, either through manipulation of images in the mainstream media or by friends playing with their faces and body parts.

The program that coined the phrase of which we term photoshop services is a remarkable piece of computer software which allows a photographer or a post production technician to alter the imagery in a way that is one of the following:

Truer than the original image, an altered yet true likeness or a complete falsification of the imagined facts. Each of these three modifications are fantastic post production edits that can really bring happiness and enjoyment to the owner, featured person / people or the wider public.

Photoshop services and post photo processing services allow for the editing, manipulation and modifying of an image’s composite pixels. It is possible to change many aspects of an image through use of image software such as Photoshop, Adobe CS and Lightroom.

The variety of tools allow vintage photographs which are of black and white composition to be brought bang up to date with full colour effect that is remarkably close to the colour which would have been seen through the photographer’s eyes back in the day, rather than his limited lens at the time.

Further, a method used by many glossy magazines and modelling businesses, you can use a variety of retouching tools to eradicate blemishes, repair imperfections and ensure no red eye is present before that picture gets framed or goes into publication.

The Southampton photoshop services are offered worldwide, and are available to both businesses for product and jewellery retouching, ad retouching, ad production, as well as services to the general public.

Final Cut Services offers a full Photo restoration service including Photo enhancement, Сolor correction, photo montage and Intense photo manipulations for both companies and individuals. On a more personal level we can Retouch amateur portraits, enable Wedding photo editing and enact Background changing or change imagery to create funny photo gifts.

Our photographers and graphic designers are highly trained in all Adobe CS packages including Photoshop and Lightroom and offer a complete Clipping path service and of course High end retouching within a Professional Photo Editing Service. Whether you are overloaded with work or not quite ready to risk custom by manipulating photos yourself, outsource our technical team via the ‘Retouching Services for Photographers’ channel.

Some of the many wonderful and wacky ways in which we can manipulate your photos are as follows: Make old black and white photos look new, offer arty composition imagery which better extenuates certain parts of an image, brighten up dark photos, erase blemishes from a school photo, replace backgrounds of a brick wall with Disney World and so much more.

The variety of tools used are open to all to use via the various software packages but time constraints, knowledge and a keen eye and imagination make using a professional photo editing and photoshop service in Southampton that much more refined.

All we need is a good quality RAW photo to be able to effect the greatest of manipulations. The larger the photo the better the end result due to many more pixels embedded – much like a television. However, even an iPhone5 photo can be edited to a high standard! View examples of RAW, JPG and GIF image manipulation below.


The examples used below are from a wedding, but we can edit any photos of anything whatsoever.  Even an iPhone 5 photo can be edited to a high standard!


Example one

This is the first example of our editing services.

The photo is trying to capture the flowers in this child’s hair before a wedding.

The photo holds no life to it and just looks like any other photo.

Now, roll over the photo to see once edited, how the photo now paints the picture you wanted to achieve. (Mobile and tablet users, please click the photo).


Example two

This example is a photo taken of the Bride and Groom, after their wedding, outside.

Even though it was outside, the ISO settings on the camera were not set up correctly, making the photo very dark and not the kind of photo they would want to print out on a canvas.

Now roll over the photo to see post edit.

You will now have something to be proud of printing.


Example three

Here we see the Bride leaving her house and heading towards her wedding car.

The photo itself is quite a basic looking photo taken at the back of the Bride’s house.

However with some editing and a sepia style tint to it, it helps tell the story of the wedding a bit better.

Roll over the image to see.


Example four

In this example is the wedding car parked outside waiting for the Bride as she gets ready indoors.

The original photo is a good shot of the car but it doesn’t leap out and grab your attention though.

Roll over the image, and you now see after some editing, it brings the whole car to life, including the sky. Much more life and dynamics and again, something people would be proud to show their friends and family, documenting their day.


As with anything though, not every photo can be edited or enhanced, some will be just too dark, or too grainy and therefore cannot do anything with them.  If this is the case, you will not get charged.

If you are interested in this service please get in contact.