Vision, perspective and first glance are the most important aspects when a prospective client views your presentations, brochures or personal photos. Which is why it is vitally important that you hire a professional photography service in Southampton – especially when you need the correct result at an event which will never repeat.

At First Cut Services we operate around the clock and at short notice commercial photography service in Southampton. Whether you are a private individual requiring Wedding photography or a business needing an event covered, our photographers have a trained eye and the ability to get across the composition you request to make the presentation of your event a breeze.

While we do offer services to the general public and can deliver high quality wedding photography and family portraits we have a wider range of commercial photography services which while covering business portraits entails the use of advanced technology, the latest cameras, software and hardware with specialised lenses which can help to create outstanding photographic art out of any event, scenario or environment.

Our services have been received well from Architectural Photography and the ability to construct a story from a street or building, and in the aftermath, using photoshop services to manipulate the storyline. To Industrial photography which may need the capture of working environments in all their colour and gritty splendour.

We understand that the results of many of our corporate photography services will feature in brochures on a global scale and be distributed to hundreds of thousands of people and businesses. Which is why our professional photographers will first aim to understand your project’s needs before undertaking the actual shots on site.

One of our more popular areas of photo operation is within product photography. Whether in our own studio or on site in your showroom and office, we can manipulate lighting and the environment to showcase your company’s products to the desired and heightened effect. We understand the need for first glance imagery to enact an immediate purchase decision. View the testimonial by Warrens Office Interiors and their Furniture & Interiors Manager, James Renwick here.

With photographers working in specialist areas and on niche topics, like buildings with architectural photography, Specialist Heritage photography and industrial photography, through to the more showy environs of Hotel Photography, Corporate Event photography and Club, gig and Entertainment venue photography. We have the staff who will excel.

Each moment in time which is captured may well have been taken in a split second. However it may take hours of understanding and manipulation of the environment, awaiting that special moment before depressing that tech to record an imaged reference for time immemorial.

Take Macro photography or Restaurant and location based food photography as an example, specialist photographic equipment combined with timing, lighting and dressage, with an array of post production photo editing makes for a niche service with qualities higher and second to none.

Many small start ups and worldwide businesses require feature photographs in magazines for adverts, brochures and for internal media. Landscape photography, Location stills photography and Fine Art prints photography are all capable abilities of our professional photographer team.

Enquire within to discuss your project and imagery needs. We offer a full on and at short notice Southampton commercial photography service. Not only will we arrange your shoots, capture the moment and record that instance in history but also deliver a true art form which will reflect your company or individual event in all its distinct glory for future generations.

Photography rate is £50 – £100ph.

We are also experts in photo manipulation, price is £25ph for this service.  Click here to find out more.

Full portfolio and photography service list coming shorty…

For now please check out our FCS Photography Facebook page.